How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store to PC

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Many of the Android users are facing some kind of problems while they are trying to install an app from Google Play store. Well, it’s Android, open source platform which gives you all functionality with numerous bootloader and other options. You can install APKs by first download APK files from Google Play Store to PC.
Here you are going to see how you can download APK files from Google Play Store to PC of your favorite Android apps and games instantly. Here’s the trick.

Step 1 :
- Initially you need to download an app on your PC, Real APK Leecher.
- Download Real APK Leecher

Step 2 :
- Extract downloaded folder to a new relevant folder from where you can easily make changes and pick it up quickly.

Step 3 :
- Now, browse the folder, click and run the Real APK Leecher.exe file from the extracted folder.

Step 4 :
- The next screen will look like a form. You need to put some information regarding your Google ID and your device ID.

Step 5 :
- If you don’t know your device ID, you need to download a Device ID app on your Android phone. You can follow the below link to download and install this app on your Android phone.

Download Device ID App

How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store to PC

Step 6 :
- After filling up all the details on the given page, click on the Save option.

Step 7 :
- The Real APK Leecher app will now open. It looks like traditional program and a home page of one kind of apps’ website.

How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store to PC

Step 8 :
-You will see a search box at the front page. There, you need to enter the name of app or game which you want to install on your device in the form of APK.

Step 9 :
- After entering search terms, you will have a list of items down there. You need to select an appropriate app/game there.

Step 10 :
- Now, right click to open up the context menu of that particular app.

Step 11 :
- Now, select Download this App option and wait till it get downloaded.

How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store to PC

Step 12 :
- Then after, this APK file of the selected app or game will be saved on your downloads folders. You can access them from that folder right away.

Step 13 :
- Now, all you have to do is to connect your Phone to the PC, copy this APK on your smartphone. You can install this APK on your phone or you can send it to your friends and others.

This was the simple way to download APK files from Google Play Store on your PC. Now, no need to go to the other third party websites to download your games and app, just install it once and you can use it any time.

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