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DriverMax 6.13

Posted by Bagus Swara On 7:34 PM


DriverMax helps to quickly and easily reinstall all the drivers Windows. DriverMax collects information about installed driver and the system displays a list of devices that use them. Provides information about the driver version, date, developer, and the number of files have a digital signature.Then you can just export them to a separate folder, or packed in ZIP-archive, and after reinstalling Windows to install all the necessary from the same source. With the Import Wizard to install all the saved drivers just 5 minutes. Thus, you no longer have to have at hand a lot of discs to different devices.

DriverMax is installed, the system allows the driver and archive them in case you reinstall your system. program is very easy to use and allows to quickly install the system drivers stored in the archive.

Perhaps you think that will reset all the stuffing, which was on the disk, for example, with a sound card. But it does not - will be reinstalled only the driver itself, and multimedia applications, diagnostic programs, etc. - this program leaves you. Therein lies the problem. On the other hand, not all want these various programs, and this category of people should be acquainted with the program, at least for the sake of interest. The program's interface, as well as its organization of work are very simple and ergonomic. Deal with it is not difficult.

program will help you easily and quickly pereutanovit all the device drivers that are needed for proper operation of the devices on your computer in Windows. Just export them to a folder or file, and after reinstalling Windows to install all the necessary from the same source.

DriverMax 6.13

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